There was a great demonstration at Ramsey, Isle of Man, on Thursday,
the occasion being for christening of the magnificent lifeboat recently
presented to the town by Mr. RYDER, a Manchester gentleman.

       It had been arranged that the ceremony of christening the boat should
be performed by Miss. RYDER, but, greatly to the disappointment of the Ramsey
people, neither Mr. RYDER nor his daughter  arrived in time to take part in
the proceedings.

       The ceremony of naming the boat - to which the title of "The Two
Sisters" was given - was, therefore performed by Mrs. CHRISTIAN, of Milntown, wife
of the House of Keys for Ramsey. An immense procession formed the principal
feature of the proceedings. This procession was headed by the authorities of the
town, followed by the Ramsey Rocket Brigade. Then came the lifeboat, in which
were seated the crew, the boat drawn by six horses, and the rear of the
procession was brought up by the boys and the girls of the public schools.

       On arrival of the boat at the shore, short addresses were delivered by
the High Bailiff of Ramsey, by Deemster STEPHEN, the Rev. George PATON, &c.
The boat was then christened, and was afterwards launched into the sea. When
brought round into the harbour, the crew tested her power by upsetting her. She
righted herself in a moment. In the evening the town was illuminated, and
there was a display of fireworks.