The annual meeting in connection with and in aid of the funds of the
British and Foreign Bible Society, was held at the Oddfellow's Hall,
Lowther-street, on Tuesday night last, under the presidency of the Rev. Canon DALTON.

       The report of the local auxiliary, which showed that its funds were in
satisfactory condition, was read by Mr. J. A. KNIGHT, and it was subsequently
agreed that it should be printed and circulated, a motion to that effect
being made by the Rev. Mr. GALBRAITH, and seconded by the Rev. Mr. WALTERS.

       The Rev. T. DAVIS, of Darwen, delegate of the society, addressed the
meeting at some length, and spoke of the valuable and progressive work being
performed by the society in the circulation of the Bible at home and abroad. He
stated the number of Bibles circulated during the past year had been 2,000,000
and the number circulated since the establishment of the society, 57,000,000.

       On the motion of the Rev. Mr. GABBOTT, seconded by Mr. MASON, the
following gentlemen were appointed a committee for the ensuing year:

G. W. BROWN, treasurer

Mr. J. FORSTER, secretary


       Votes of thanks were duly accorded to the deputation and to the
Chairman, and a collection, amounting to £3  17s having been taken, the proceedings
shortly afterwards terminated.