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       At the annual festival, a few days ago, of the Sunday School connected
with the Independent Chapel, Bootle, above sixty children partook  of a
plentiful supply of tea and cake in the afternoon.

       Mr. WHITWELL, of Kendal, afterwards exhibited a selection from his
beautiful dissolving views of  Scripture scenes and subjects. At seven in the
evening there was another exhibition, when the parents of the children and many
friends from the village and neighbourhood attended. On both occasions all
present were much delighted, Mr. WHITWELL's powerful apparatus giving to many of
the figures an air of reality, as if indeed by "magic" while his striking
remarks seemed deeply to impress scripture truth on the minds of old and young.

       To Mr. WHITWELL many thanks are due for his labour  of love,  as well
as to the teachers, in affording such a rare treat to the neighbourhood.