One of the periodical conversazioni of this association was held on
Tuesday evening last, and was of the usual interesting nature. Dr. I'Anson, the
president, occupied the chair, there was a numerous attendance both of ladies
and gentlemen.

       At the commencement of the proceedings, the president announced that
Dr. JONES, of Aspatria had geological specimens, some of which were laid upon
the table for inspection. A vote of thanks was unanimously accorded the donor,
who, it was stated, had kindly promised further contributions.

       Mr. J. ADAIR exhibited some drawing of groundsel which he had
executed, and Mr. A. KITCHIN presented for inspection a photograph of a solar eclipse,
which he had purchased in Paris, and which was much admired.

       Dr. ABLETT showed some plates, and contributed some interesting
information in reference to the anticipated high tides. Dr. TOSH made some remarks
on a polaroscope, lent by Mr. MOON for the evening. Some animalcula, obtained
from a pool formed by the drippings from a beer barrel, were placed by Mr. W.
H. KITCHIN at the disposal of Mr. TAYLOR, the hon. secretary, who exhibited
them through his microscope.

       The president referred to the efforts that have been made to render
the dresses of ladies inflammable, and stated that the most successful
preventative was saturation of the material in a solution of tunsgate of soda, the
effect of which on the dress he illustrated by experiment.

       Among the objects of interest on the table we noticed a tray of
specimens, presented by Mr. M. HARRISON last conversazione. The meeting was brought
to a close by some brilliant electrical experiments, conducted by Mr. G.