A meeting of the Trustees of the Town and Harbour of Whitehaven, will
be held at the Town Hall, on Monday next, to take into consideration the
following motions, of which notice has been given, viz :

By Mr. WILSON, That the letter of Robert BAKER, Esq., respecting the Labour
Regulations Act (30 and 31 Vic.,c. 146) be taken into consideration at the next

By Mr. HODGSON - Notice, that at next Meeting of the Board of Trustees, we
take into consideration the propriety of revising and altering the schedule of
dues charged and collected upon the goods and merchandise imported into the
port of Whitehaven, as authorised in and by the Whitehaven Town and Harbour Act
of 1859, and the schedules C and D thereto annexed.

By Mr. GIBSON - That the Expenditure Committee having made no report since
the 24th August, 1868, I give notice that at the next meeting of the trustees I
intend to move that the minute appointing that committee to be rescinded. To
make arrangements for the ensuing trustee election; and for other business.