Early on Friday morning, a serious collision took place between two
Liverpool steamers, between Point Lynas and the Skerries, which resulted in the
immediate sinking of one of the steamers and the loss of seven lives.

       The screw steamer Braganza, 399 tons burthen, commanded by Captain
HYNE, jun., and forming one of Messrs. BIBBY's steam fleet, left the Mersey with
the afternoon's tide of Thursday bound for Lisbon, having her full crew and a
few passengers. The Braganza proceeded safely on her voyage till 4 45 a.m. on
Friday, when off Point Lynas and about four miles from land, she came into
collision with the screw steamer, Jerome, 839 tons burthen, Captain HUTCHINSON,
belonging to Messrs. Alfred BOOTH and Co., Liverpool and bound from the Brazils
for that port.

       The collision was so serious that the Braganza was said to be almost
cut in two, and she filled with amazing rapidity and sank immediately
afterwards. Some of the crew managed to get on board the Jerome, and most of the others
saved themselves by clinging to pieces of the steamer or anything which would
keep them afloat. Immediately after the collision the boats of the Jerome
were lowered, as they succeeded in picking up many persons who were in the sea,
and after the Braganza had gone down the boats remained a long time, in the
expectation of saving other lives. As soon as all hope of accomplishing this
object had expired the sailors were taken on board the Jerome, and on the muster
roll being called seven were absent, who, it is feared, went down with the
vessel. These were:

Captain John HYNE

John OWEN, second engineer

James DRAPER, seaman

W, EDWARDS, seaman

Robert SCOTT, seaman

Patrick LYNCH, fireman

Mr. J. R. LISTON, passenger

       The remainder of the crew, who lost everything which they possessed,
were yesterday afternoon landed in Liverpool. We understand that Messr BIBBY do
not insure their vessels, so the loss of the Braganza will be a charge on
their own insurance account.