Yesterday, Mr. Joel EMMANUEL, solicitor, applied to the chief Clerk at
Vice-Chancellor's Chambers for an order for the immediate appointment of a
guardian to Miss. Ester LYONS, whose case attracted a considerable degree of
public attention some time ago.

       Mr. EMMANUEL stated that Miss. LYONS was entitled to considerable
property, and that it was apprehended that she would be sent out of the country.
He stated,  in reply to the Chief Clerk, that Miss. LYONS was a ward in
Chancery. She would return to her family if her brother were appointed her guardian.
It was proposed to examine the Rev. Mr. THOMAS, against whom Miss LYON'S
father had obtained a verdict of £50 in the case referred to,  with a view of
ascertaining where she was at present.

       An application had been made to Mr. Justice BLACKBURN for a writ of
habeas corpus; but his lordship had directed an application to be made in
Chancery. The Chief Clerk said the case must stand over till Friday next, in order
that it might be ascertained if the uncle of the young lady would be joined
with her brother in the guardianship.