Purchasers of dogs should take a warning by a case which came before
the Liverpool magistrates on Tuesday.

       A person had bought a dog, but neglected to obtain a license, under
the impression that, as the previous owner had paid the tax for a year, he was
under no obligation to that excise. The license, however, it seems cannot be
transferred with the animal, and for lacking the piece of information the owner
was mulct in a penalty of 25s.



       At the County revision for voters, held at Bolton, on Tuesday, before
Mr. J. H. HODGSON, an amusing incident occurred.

       Thomas NICHOLSON, 65, Clarence-street, claimed his vote in respect to
freehold house, 67, Clarence-street, but was objected to by the Liberals. In
reply to Mr. CHARLTON, he stated that the house was not sold. The objection was
not sustained, and the revising barrister inquired what expenses Mr.
NICHOLSON had been put to, and what his business was?

       Mr. NICHOLSON replied that he was a manager, and thought that he ought
to be well paid for his trouble, as it was not everyday that he dressed up
himself. (Laughter.)

       The Revising Barrister: Would not half a crown suffice?

       Mr. NICHOLSON: No; I should like more if I could get it. (Renewed
laughter.) You know it is not the first time I have been here. If you will give me
ten shillings I think I shall be very well paid - (loud laughter) - for I
have had a deal of extra trouble to-day.

       Mr. HOLDEN: The revising barrister wants to know if you are anything
out of pocket?

       Mr. NICHOLSON: Well, no.

       The Revising Barrister: Then half a crown will do. (Laughter.)