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       There died a few days since, at Upper Clapton, an eccentric personage,
well known in the parish as "Mad Howard."

       It was his custom a few years ago, to stand at Stamford Hill tollgate
from eleven to twelve o'clock every Thursday, and pay the toll on every
vehicle that passed, after which he would throw out of the window sometimes as much
as £100 in gold and silver, to be scrambled for by the populance.

       When remonstrated with on the absurdity of his conduct, he would reply
that "having no one to leave his money to, the crown would be his heir, and
he might as well benefit as many of the Queen's subjects as possible in his

       We understand that he has died intestate, though often solicited to
leave his money to some of the local charities. The personalty is believed to be
about £50,000, all of which, in default of an heir, will go to the crown.