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       The following general order has been issued from the Horse Guards: -

       His Royal Highness the Field-Marshal Commanding-in-Chief wished to
draw attention of general and other officers commanding to clause 136, Army
Circulars, 1867, in which the Secretary of State for War, recognising the
advantages to be obtained by the employment of soldiers in trades, has approved of the
issue of tools to regiments, in the first instance, at the public expense.

       The object his royal highness has in view, with the concurrence of the
Secretary of State for War, is to render regiments independent of external
aid, and to enable them to perform for the Royal Engineer department such works
are as executed by civil contractors. In establishing a sound regimental
system on this basis, much will depend upon the co-operation and assistance given
to it by the commanding officers of the Royal Engineers, and this, his royal
highness feels assured, will be accorded to the fullest extent practicable.

       His royal highness feels confident that general and other officers
commanding will support these views, and endeavour by all means in their power to
commence and carry out a scheme which, when completed, must result in great
benefit, not only to the State, but to the troops generally.