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(Before Robert GIBSON, Esq., (chairman), Captain POWE, and the Rev. A. F.



       Joseph WHITE, a seaman, was charged with having been drunk and
disorderly in the Market-place on Thursday night last.

       P. C. 115 said the defendant was drunk and creating a  disturbance in
the street on the day named, when he went to him and ordered him away. He went
away, but in doing so he met and attacked a young man in the street.

       Fined 21s.



       Daniel KENNEDY, who has previously been convicted of vagrancy, was
charged with having no visible means of supporting himself. The prisoner who
appeared to be only "half rook'd," presented a most miserably destitute
appearance. It appeared he had gone to the police station, and said he was completely
destitute, when he was locked up.

       The Bench discharged him, and the Chairman told him to get out of the



       Mary Thompson, who was remanded from last Monday, charged with having
stolen a chemise, the property of Jane BELL, from the Ginns Baths, was brought
up and discharged, there being no further evidence offered against her.



       Anthony SEWELL was charged with having broken into the house of Mr.
Henry WILKINSON, of Sunny Hill, and stolen therefrom 7s in copper, three or four
sixpences, a leg of mutton, 1  1/2 lbs of butter, a pound of candles, between
midnight on Saturday night and seven o'clock on Sunday morning.

       Superintendent LITTLE said the prisoner had been apprehended on
suspicion of having committed the offence. The entrance had been effected through a
window from the garden, and there was a footmark there which, although not
very distinct, in some measure corresponded with the prisoner's boots.

       The prisoner had at one time lived with Mr. WILKINSON, but had been
discharged, and although he had been driven away with a stick, he persisted in
returning and loitering about the premises. The prisoner was apprehended
amongst the hay in Mr. COWMAN's dutch barn in High Street with a tumbler glass in
his possession. There was nothing else found upon him.

       Mr. LITTLE asked for a remand to Thursday, which was granted.