FORGERY OF £10,000

       At the Mansion House police court, London, on Saturday, Albert BUCKLER
was charged with forgery and uttering a bill of exchange for £1,857 upon
Messrs. G. and A. WORMS, bankers, Austin Friars. Mr. MULLENS, solicitor to the
Bankers' Protection Association, conducted the prosecution.

       It appeared that early in September the bill in question, purported 
to be drawn by the Hungarian Credit Bank at Pesth upon Messrs WORMS, was
forwarded them for payment.

       The prisoner was a clerk in that bank, of which Messrs WORMS were the
London correspondents. About the 2nd of September he obtained leave of absence
to see his friends, and he proceeded direct to Vienna, thence to Paris and
London. About the 13th of September the bank received advice that Messrs. WORMS
had paid the sum of £1,800, and they telegraphed that they had drawn no such
bills. Prisoner went to Messrs. BLOURET in Paris, and asked them to discount
that bill for £1,800, which they did. He also obtained the sum of 100,000 francs
upon a bill drawn upon Messrs. ROTHCHILDS, and other sums in a like manner.

       On Friday he was apprehended in Cornhill, and he said he was very
sorry for what he had done, that it had struck him he had done wrong as soon as he
had done it, and that if he had got a pistol he would have blown out his

       Upwards of £7,000 was found upon him when he was arrested. The
prisoner was remanded for a week.