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Wanted Experienced Plain Cook, Immediately; small Family.
       -Apply, Mrs. ASHBURNER, Greystone, Dalton-in-Furness.


Wanted, a Smart Youth as ASpprentice to the Ironmongery and House Furnishing
       -Apply, John MILLS & Son, Millom.


General. - Wanted, strong girl foe small Family. Good Home for suitable Girl.
Applying stating wage, &c., to Mrs. O'REILLY, 10 River-street, Warwick-road


Lancashire Education Committee.

Wanted, for Dendron (James POSTLETHWAITE, Esq., Gleaston, near Ulverston),
Sawrey, Endowed (Rev. H. T. BAINES, Sawrey House, Sawrey), Coniston CE. (H.
BOWNASS, Esq., Bridge House, Coniston) Uncertified female teachers.. Cartmell
Fell, C. E. (Rev. W. SUMMERS, Vicarage, Cartmell Fell), Ulpha (Rev. C. WHITAKER,
Vicarage, Ulpha). Supplementary Teachers.


Cumberland Education Committee.

Applications are invited for the following vacancies for:

(a) Uncertified (Article 50 and 51) and Experienced Supplementary (Art. 68)

Moat, Infants (f)         

Bailey, Mixed (f)

Sandwith, Mixed (f)   

Chapel Brow (f)

Gamblesby (f)

Hallbankgate, Mixed (f)

Great Corby, Infants (f)

Cummersdale, Mixed (f)

Stanwix, Boys (m)

Plumpton, Mixed (f)


Westward, Mixed (f)

Stainton, Mixed (f)

Allhallows, Mixed (f)

Cotehaill, Mixed (f)

Gosfroth, Mixed (f)

Threlkeld, mixed and infants (s f's)

Brigham, Keswick, Mixed (f)

Gilcrux, Mixed (f)

Kirkbampton, Mixed (f)

Maryport Nat., Mixed (m)

Ireby, Mixed (f)

Cleator Mills, mixed (f)

Warwicksland, Mixed (f)

Parton, Infants (f)

Castle Carreck, Mixed (f)

Blencogo, Mixed, (f)

Muncaster, Mixed (f)

Torpenhow, Mixed (f)

(b) Certified Teachers

Keswick, St. John's Infants (f)

Upperby, Council, Mixed (m or f)

Hallbankgate, Council, Mixed (f)

(c) Head Teachers

Kirkbampton, Voluntary, Mixed - Headmaster

Stapleton, Voluntary, mixed - Headmistriss

Maughanby, Voluntayr, Mixed - Headmaster.

Westward, Voluntary, Mixed - Headmaster

Chapel Brow, Council, Infants - Headmistress

Scale of salaries, with forms of Application and List of correspondents, to
whom all applications must be sent direct, will be forwarded by the undersigned
on receipt of a stamped addressed foolscap envelope.

       C. Courtenay HODGSON, County Secretary.
       The Courts, Carlisle, 5th Sept. 1905.