The members of the St. John's (Beckermet) Church choir had their
annual summer outing last Thursday. Under the supervision of the Vicar (the Rev. W.
GABBOTT) the choir, together with a few friends, the party altogether
numbering nearly 30, started by the first train for Blackpool, journeying by Barrow
and Fleetwood.

       The day was beautifully fine, an ideal day for such an outing, and
needless to say the new route was more appreciated than going all the way by

       Their time in Blackpool was limited, but they made the best of it,
going the length of the magnificent promenade on the electric cars as soon as
they arrived, visiting the flying machine, and going round the world for fun on
the South Shore, back again to Messrs. CLARKE and HEAP's central restaurant,
where a capital lunch was served to them. After lunch the majority of the party
visited the Tower, and were delighted with the various attractions to be found
therein. By this time they had to be thinking of starting the homeward
journey, so after a round of the bazaars and shops they made for their tram,
regretting they could not spend more time in Blackpool.

       On reaching Barrow they sat down to a substantial tea, made use of the
time they had there to visit friends, and view the shops, leaving by the last
train, arriving home about ten o'clock, having had a very enjoyable and
pleasant day.

       The vicar with his usual exactness, arranged everything, even to the
minutest detail, and thanks to his thoughtfulness everything worked out without
the slightest hitch. The choir had long looked for a long distance outing,
and this year their wishes have been gratified owing to a request for
subscriptions being met with ready and generous support from a few members of the
congregation, and to whom the members of the choir are no doubt very grateful.