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       The annual meeting of Messrs. BURNYEAT, BROWN, & Co., colliery
proprietors, Cardiff, was held on Tuesday at Liverpool. Mr. William BURNYEAT,
Whitehaven, presided.

       The Chairman remarked on the prosperous nature of the undertaking.  At
Sirhowy, he stated with the exception of deepening the east pit about 40
yards, the sinking of two pits were now completed. In the east pit at the depth of
312 yards, the big vein coal was reached in February last, and proved to be 9
ft. 5 in. thick, with an excellent thick top., which would produce very
heavily immediately.

       At the west pit the report had under estimated the output. Instead of
100 tons per day,  they had produced 200 tons during this past week.

       The report was adopted, and Mr. William PEILE and Mr. John Allen
McKIBBIN, were re-elected directors.



       In our advertising columns will be found a notice of a Grand Concert
which is being given in the Town Hall, Egremont, next Wednesday. Some of the
most popular of London artistes make up a programme of high class order, and Mr.
Claude GASCOIGNE , A.R.A.M., is to be the pianist. Mr. GASCOIGNE is a young
pianist of promise, and his brilliant performances at the Crystal Palace,
Queen's Hall, and St. James Hall, London, have been most successful.

       Miss. Annabel M'DONALD is the soprano, Mr. J. Musgrave WRIGHT the
tenor, Mr. S. H. BRAITHWAITE. L. R. A. M., solo clarinet, whilst Mr. Collingwood
GEE, a London society entertainer, completes a splendid programme.

       It is some time ago since such a classical concert was given in this
district, and the London talent ought to prove a great attraction to lovers of