In the National School on Thursday night, a goodly number assembled to
witness the results of the efforts of the Vicar's Testimony Committee, and
the proceeding were of such an enthusiastic nature that Mr. MILLARD must have
felt very much gratified.

       Dr. BRIGGS presided, and was supported on the platform by:

Sir Wilfrid and Lady LAWSON

Miss. Josephine LAWSON

Miss. LOWE (from Brayton)

Rev. A. P. DAWE (Barrow-in-Furness)

Rev. R. D. D. LOVE, and members of the Committee.

       The Chairman spoke most eloquently in praise of the Vicar's excellence
as a worker in the interests of the church, and afterwards handed over a
purse containing £100 and a parchment scroll containing names of subscribers -
purse and scroll provided by Lady LAWSON.

       Mr. MILLARD's thanks were expressed in words which unmistakenly showed
how deeply he was touched by what had been done and said on his behalf.

       The meeting was wound up by a vote of thanks being accorded to Dr.
BRIGGS, on the motion of Sir Wilfrid LAWSON, seconded by Mr. DAWE.



       A lady of the name of Miss. MARRIS, who had been working in Aspatria
for  a fortnight in the ineterests of Mr. Claude LOWTHER, M. P., would up with
a tea and public meeting in the National School, on Friday evening The rain
came down incessantly, but despite this about 100 women turned up to tea; but
the public meeting afterwards was sparsely attended.



Mr. Richard MILLER, West Farm, Aspatria, has had to do away with a harness
gelding rising five years. The animal on being brought from the field a
fortnight ago was found to be unwell. After a few days Mr. Henry THOMPSON, V. S., was
called in and after examination expressed his opinion that the horse was
suffering from lightning shock.

       Mr. LITT, V. S., of Whitehaven on behalf of the Royal Insurance
Company, also diagnosed the case and confirmed Mr. THOMPSON's opinion and advised
Mr. MILLER to get rid of the horse as soon as possible as he would be useless
for further service.

       The animal was a valuable one and in prime condition, having been made
up for sale, but Mr. MILLER has already received a cheque in full
satisfaction of his claim from the "Royal" through their agent at Aspatria, Mr. Geo.