The Vicar of St. Kentigern's Parish Church, Aspatria, preached his
last sermon on Sunday night. The large building was filled to overflowing, but
those who were fortunate enough to gain admission must have been deeply
impressed with the eloquent and scholarly address, and felt that such a man as they
were taking leave of would be difficult to replace.

       The collections, morning and evening were devoted to the curates
testimonial fund, and £18 was secured.

       On Sunday afternoon the Fire Brigade Brass Band played selections of
music in the vicarage grounds to which the public were admitted.

       On Tuesday the Aspatria Choir and a number of friends, including Lady
LAWSON, vicar's warden, and Dr. BRIGGS proceeded to Carlisle to assist in the
introduction of the Rev. F. L. H. MILLARD by the Bishop of the diocese, in the
presence of a large congregation.



       Aspatria and Brayton put their strongest team in the field to
encounter the Upperby contingent at Brayton, on Saturday, in connection with the
Carlisle and District League.

       The result of the game was of absorbing interest to the visitors, as a
victory would place them in the position of League Champions for the season.

       The homesters got the advantage of the first knock, but failed to
realise expectations, and were all out for 78, of which the Rev. C. WORDSWORTH and
Mr. W. BERWICK were chief contributors with 20 and 16 respectively. The
threatening weather now completely broke down and unremitting rain resulted, but
after waiting a considerable time the homesters set the rain at defiance. Mr.
Joseph JOHNSON at first was almost unplayable, and quickly clean bowled five
batsmen for a total of 20, but from this point the visitors obtained complete
mastery of the attack, and without further loss accomplished a double success by
winning the match and the League Championship.

       The Aspatrians presented quite a bedraggled and woebegone appearance
on their return to the pavilion.

       Mr. Godfrey LAWSON had arranged for three good matches at Brayton for
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, but the first two were blank
days on account of the rain.