A special meeting of this Committee was held on Wednesday night in
the Temperance Institute, Harrington. There were present:

W. HOLMES (Chairman)








       Mr. C. W. EAGLESFIELD, surveyor, in submitting his report, said he was
pleased to state that since the last meeting the pumping engine at Stainburn
had worked satisfactorily. During the past week the ball tap had been fixed on
the Cross House tank in order to try and fill this tank along with the
others, and he was pleased to say that by opening the by-pass at the Whins there was
very little. The Cross House tank could now be filled by the pump at the same
time as the Common Sine and Lowca tanks, and without having to shut the water
off the town. Her suggested that a check valve be  fixed in the by-pass in
order to keep the whins from passing back into the main after the pump had
stopped working. If this were done the by-pass could  be regulated and left open
just enough to fill the Cross House tank, which will be a great saving in the
men's time. The work of pumping in the night instead of the day was still being
carried on in accordance with their instructions. He now suggested that it be
altered again to days, as in case of a breakdown there would be delay in
getting the men to the pump to repair it.

       Mr. J. WARWICK, the Town Clerk of Workington, wrote asking if the
Council would supply water to Mountain View, and on what terms.

       The Surveyor said they were quite able to supply the water.

       Mr. MILLICAN suggested that they employ another man at the pump. If
they did supply water to Workington the pumping might enable Lowca and district
to have a better supply. He suggested that if they did supply them the cost
would be 1s 6d per 1,000 gallons.

       Mr. HOLMES thought it a big order to employ another man.

       The chairman said that on investigating he was startled to learn that
Harrington had lost over £400 a year on their water.

       Mr. SHACKLEY inquired if the supply to Mountain View would interfere
with Distington?

       The Surveyor said that it would not if they had sufficient water in
the tank.

       Mr. MILLICAN pointed out that they were anxious to oblige Workington
in this, but they did not want to lose money on the job.

       The Chairman agreed with this.

       Mr. HODGSON said they had been a good deal bothered lately with the
scanty supply of water at Distington. However, it had been a great deal better
during the past ten days. The dirty colour had gone out of it, and altogether
it was satisfactory. The question was, however, would the supply to Mountain
View would interfere with Distington?

       The Surveyor: It depends upon the amount drawn from the Whins.

       Mr, HODGSON observed it was a miserable state of things, losing money
on water. It showed that it was a bad scheme, when the working expenses were
so large that it was hardly worth while having the water.

       Mr. MILLICAN then moved that they supply Mountain View with water at
the rate of 1s 6d per 1,000 gallons and that the arrangement be subject to
three months notice.

       Mr. HOLMES seconded, and it was carried, Messrs. HOLMES and WALKER
(the Distington representatives) being neutral.


      The question then arose as to whether the pumping should be continued
during the night instead of the day.

       Mr. EAGLESFIELD suggested that they revert to day pumping again.

       Mr. CORRIS moved, Mr. HODGSON seconded, that they again give the day
pumping a trial.

       This was agreed to.


       Mr. CRELLIN said that Mr. BENSON, of Micklam Farm, had complained that
he had had no water for twenty weeks.

       The Surveyor said that something must be wrong with the pipes leading
from the reservoir to his farm.

       The Surveyor was instructed to write an explanatory letter to Mr.