A meeting of the Fishery Board was held at the Union Hall, Whitehaven,
on Thursday. Present:




Mr. W. H. CHAPMAN (clerk)

       The head water bailiff reported that the Cleator Moor Urban Council
had completed the settling pond at the Trumpet Terrace sewage outfall, and it
was working all right. It caught all the heavy sediment, but the liquid was
still going into the river.

       There had not been anything done to Stanton Bridge weir towards
erecting a fish pass since the last meeting, and a lot of fish had been hanging out
during the dry weather unable to get up as the mill was taking all the water.
He also invited Eskdale, where the trout were left dry.

       Mr. REA, of Gate House, had erected an electric plant at the old
Bobbin Mill, which was driven by water power from the River Mite. He had repaired
the old dam, and put up a very small weir across the River Mite to turn the
water into the dam. At the time it was done the river was very low, and before
the dam got full the river below the outfall of the dam had run dry with the
exception of a few holes, with the result that a lot of brown trout were wasted,
but there might not be such a dry summer for a very long time. The weir that
had been erected was no obstruction to any sea fish getting up the river if
there was any water at all. It had been a very bad season so far for the rod
fishermen, owing to there being no water when sea trout were running.

       Excepting the reading of this report, there was no business other than