The transfer of Browedge Endowed School from the present managers to
the control of the Lancashire County Council is now an accomplished fact. The
matter has been discussed from time to time, and protracted negotiations have
taken place,  but the necessary documents  have now been signed and the
institution is now a Council school.

       For a considerable time past it has been apparent to the managers that
the school could not continue to be successfully worked under the voluntary
system. The position is a somewhat interesting one. The school was originally
founded in 1685, and received it's first endowment in May of that year, from
property bequeathed to the school by George BIGLAND, one of the forebears of the
present BIGLAND family, of BIGLAND Hall, near Backbarrow. After that period
the establishment received other benefactions, which brought a total sum of
about fifty pounds a year; and this amount supplemented by the school pence of
children in attendance, was sufficient in the earlier days of the schools
history to maintain a good master.

       With the advent of the Elementary Education Act of 1870 many important
changes occurred, until the time came when absolutely free education was
demanded and granted. When that happened, the income of the school, supplemented
by grants allowed by the Board of Education, was found to be far below the
expenditure, and it became necessary for the managers to ask for private
subscriptions. That went on for a few years, but the school got into debt, and the
overdraft at the bank a few years ago reached upwards of £130. The greater part of
this debt was eventually cleared by means of voluntary rate, followed by a
very successful rummage sale, held at Backbarrow, in aid of the school. The
endowment, owing to the decreased value of land and buildings, has dwindled to
some extent. The present rentals &c., bring in about £40 per annum, and by the
provisions of the recent education act, under which the transfer is made, the
income from this source will be allocated to the relief of the rates, in the
area affected by the change.

       The new arrangement  will involve a fresh appointment of managers, in
addition to some other changes of administration. A special clause has been
inserted in the agreement, by which the managers retain the use of the premises
on Sundays for Church services, and Sunday School purposes.

       The trustees for the endowment are the following gentlemen:


Lieut-Colonel AINSWORTH


Samuel TAYLOR, J. P.



The present managers of the school are as follows:


S. TAYLOR (chairman)

J. H. ELLWOOD, manager of Lowwood Gunpowder Works

T. H. WALKER, station master, Haverthewaite

Thomas WILKINSON, manager of the Leven Valley Co-operative stores

John THOMPSON, farmer, Backbarrow Farm.