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       On Sunday the members of the Whitehaven Catholic Boy's Brigade held a
church parade at this church. There were 65 members present in charge of the
following officers:

Chaplain, the Rev. Father BERKELEY

Captain W. N. BAYES

Lieut. Leo. KEARNEY

Sergeant Instructor TIGHE

       They arrived on the Moor about ten o'clock and as they marched to the
music  of their bugle band, they were admired for  their spic and span
appearance. They were present at the eleven o'clock mass which was sung by the Rev.
B. D. COLLINGWOOD. The Rev. HILDEBRAND, Conrath, O. S. B., occupied the pulpit
and preached a powerful sermon on the virtue of charity.

       After the mass the boys assembled in front of the church and marched
past the Rev. R. E. KERSHAW taking the salute. In addressing the boys Father
KERSHAW reminded them that they were banded together as Christian Soldiers, that
they had to stand shoulder to shoulder and maintain the principles of their
religion through life.

       They then marched to St. Patrick's Schools where the eatables were
prepared. At 2-30 they marched off homewards accompanied by a large crowd of
admirers. In the evening there was a large congregation present including over 60
members of the Y. M. Society. Father CONRATH was the preacher and gave the