On Tuesday afternoon a very interesting ceremony took place at the
Cleator Moor Police Station, when Mr. Geo. CURRIE, ex-police officer at Cleator
Moor, was recipient of a presentation at the hands of his fellow officers.

       There was a good number of officers present, and Inspector IRVING of
Whitehaven was asked to make the presentation, which consisted of a beautiful
silver mounted Malacca cane walking stick suitably inscribed, a meerschaum pipe
and case, a tobacco pouch bearing the recipients initials, and half pound of
tobacco, together with two artistically finished views of Cleator Moor for

       In making the presentation, Inspector IRVING spoke  in eulogistic 
terms of ex-constable CURRIE's association  with the Cumberland and Westmoreland 
force. He was a man who had always had a full sense of his duty and carried
out various offices in a straightforward and gentlemanly manner. On behalf of
his fellow officers he had great pleasure in handing the presents to Mr. CURRIE
and his good wife, and he was sure he was only voicing the sentiments of all
concerned when he wished them long life and happiness to enjoy the presents
which he was sure they richly deserved (Applause.)

       Mr. CURRIE, who was visibly moved, said that he was indeed very
grateful to all who had so handsomely subscribed to the fund which had been made on
his and his wife's behalf, and he assured them that no matter where he would
be they would always remember them and Cleator Moor with feelings of delight.