The above ancient fair and sports, which have been held at Boot for
above 80 years, will be held as usual on Monday next, when prizes will be given
for hound trail, guide races, pole leaping, flat races, 11 stone wrestling,
sack race, &c.



       On Saturday last the St. James Mission Church Choir,
Barrow-in-Furness, had their annual trip, this year to Boot.

       Although the weather was most unfavourable the party on arriving at
Beckfoot Station proceeded to the Stanley Ghyll Waterfall, where three or four
of the young gentlemen had rather an unpleasant experience. After climbing out
to the top of the falls they took a fancy to cross the stream, which was
swollen with the heavy rains, and in doing so fell in, and got a thorough good
soaking, on being wet through, head to foot.

       On the same day the St. James Sunday school teachers, Whitehaven had a
visit to Boot, arriving per wagonette and bikes. In spite of the wet weather,
however, both parties appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves.



       It is with much regret we hear of the death of Mrs. NEWBY, relict of
the late Mr. John NEWBY, of Muncaster Head, which took place somewhat
unexpectedly early on Tuesday morning last, at Sillathwaite, Kinniside, where she has
been staying since Whitsuntide.

       Mrs. NEWBY belonged to an old and much respected family, the RUSSELLs
of Longrigg Green, and has lived in the valley the whole of her lifetime until
about two years ago, when she went to reside with her son, Mr. Tom NEWBY, at

       The deceased, who was 84 years of age was highly respected throughout
this district. Her  remains will be interred at the Parish Church, Eskdale,
to-morrow (Friday) afternoon.