The death of Miss. Edith ALLANBY, headmistress of St. Anne's Girls
School, Lancaster, has caused a profound sensation at Cartmel, where she

       At the inquest Elizabeth ALLANBY, St. Mary's Lodge, Cartmel, sister of
the deceased, said deceased spent a holiday with her at Cartmel. The Coroner
produced a long letter, addressed to witness in deceased's hand writing, in
which she said she had done what she had, knowing quite well it was the most
honourable and reverent course to pursue.

       "I have written a  book," she said, "containing the truth or page upon
page of blasphemy. The world will hardly recognise it as the truth while I
live, and I give them a chance to read and discuss it. It will appear different
when I am dead. I have spent money in trying to get the fulfillment published,
but I am as far off as ever. It was given out of great silence, and is the
simple, honest truth. I should like to give it to the world. If I live many will
read, but not take me seriously, but otherwise they must of necessity do so."

       Witness said she did not know anything about the book.

       The jury returned the verdict of "Died from carbolic acid poisoning,
self administered."

       The Coroner said there was no need to inquire into the state of the
deceased's mind.