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       The usual meeting was held on Monday when there were present:

A. SEVERN, in the chair







Z. KNIPE, Clerk

       The audited financial statement of the Council for the year ended
March 31st last, was presented and showed an expenditure of £2 14s 2d.

       The principle business on the agenda was to consider an application
from the clerk for  an increase in salary as assistant overseer for the parish,
and also to determine what allowance should be paid for the preparation and
collection of the special sanitary rate.

       The Clerk in reply to questions stated that the present salary was £30
per annum for the performance of the whole of duties of assistant overseer,
including the clerkship of the Council, but not including payment in connection
with special rates. He gave figures showing that the work in connection with
the collection of the rates had largely increased during the last few years.
The collection of special rates also entailed a large amount of extra labour,
and the increased demands on the ratepayers rendered prompt payment on their
part all the more difficult to secure the effect of the whole being extra
journeys and more trouble generally to the collector. Mr. KNIPE added that owing  to
the heavier responsibilities of the post, the amount of bond required was now
much higher, and the annual premiums payable correspondingly more.

       After a long discussion in committee, it was resolved that the salary
be increased by five pounds per annum, such salary to include the collection
of all rates, ordinary and special, that may be laid, and the performance of
all work as heretofore done by the assistant overseer.

       Notice was given of the intention to bring before the Council at the
next meeting the question of requiring the owners of small tenements to pay the
rates thereon.

       Mr. WARE reported that the lifebuoys from the lake shores had been
forwarded to  Barrow for repairs, and that the cost of the same amounted to £1 4s
1d. It is stated that such cost could not be charged to the accounts of the
Council but would require to be met, as the original cost had been by voluntary