The Whitehaven Ratepayer's Association has questioned the candidates
who will be before the wards in November; and it has since been sought to be
shown, first that they had no right to put any questions, and that those were to
be most commended who refused to answer; next that on the answers received
the Association is bound to abandon any idea of opposition; and lastly that all
retiring members are unexceptionably of the best type, and all equally
unblemished in their public record. There is too much special pleading about this
kind of apology. Voters must ask questions if they wish to know how to vote to
carry out their wishes.

       To answer questions does not touch a candidates' "independence" unless
he means by that that he wishes to be at liberty to do what he knows his
electors desire him not to do. He is in no way "pledged" by his answers unless he
gives answers that do not represent his own opinions, and which he would like
to run away from if he could manage to do so. Neither does it follow of
necessity because candidates answer questions so as to leave no objection so far as
to those questions are concerned, that the questioners are bound to support
the candidates.