On Saturday, at the Workington Police Station, before T. IREDALE,
Esq., and H. THOMPSON, Esq., George DUCKWORTH (43), tramp, was charged with
begging in Craig-lane on the previous day. P. C. HEWARD deposed he found prisoner
begging at the place stated, at nine o'clock at night. He had received several
complaints from the inhabitants of that district, and also from Mr. JEFFRIES,
whose shop the prisoner visited. After Mr. JEFFRIES had refused to give him
alms he became impudent, and threatened if he got him outside the shop he would
murder him. Mr. JEFFRIES corroborated this statement.

       Prisoner was sentenced to a month's imprisonment.



       On Sunday and Monday the anniversary services of the Workington
Wesleyan Sunday School were held in the Wesleyan Church, William-Street, Workington,
and proved very successful.

       The Rev. R. CULLEY of London preached two excellent and inspiring
sermons on Sunday to large and appreciative congregations. In the afternoon Mr. W.
H. MOSS, of Whitehaven conducted a floral service, which was well attended.
Hymns, songs and recitations were ably rendered by the juveniles, their efforts
being loudly applauded.

       Mr. Jos. CHISAM, of Whitehaven, gave an admirable address. The choir
under the leadership of Mr. THORNTHWAITE, assisted the children in their
singing. Mr. W. MURRAY being the efficient organist.

       On Monday night Mr. J. S. RANDLES , M. P., presided over a well
attended public meeting, and gave an encouraging address. The speakers consisted of
the Revs.R. CULLEY; P. J. Cocking (Pastor); and F. V. WALKER (Harrington).
During the evening Mr. Reginald GRIFFITHS, of the London College Choristers,
rendered in a masterly style solos, for which he received an ovation. Miss. S.
DRUERY, Workington, also sang during the evening.