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Monday, December 1.

(Before J. G. DEES (in the chair ), W. H. KITCHIN
and T. MACHELL, Esqs.)



       Mr. ATTER applied for the temporary authority of the Shamrock
Beerhouse, Cleator Moor, from Morris POWER to Ester DEVOY. The application for the
transfer was refused on Thursday last, on account of POWER being previously
convicted, but the outgoing tenant, Daniel TRAINER, had no idea there was anything
wrong as regards the applicant.

       The Bench granted the application.

       On the application of Mr. ATTER, the license of the Volunteer's Arms ,
Roper-street, was temporarily transferred from James GRAHAM to Joseph GRAHAM.



       Jas. KENNY (40), farmer, Little Mills, Egremont, was charged with
being drunk while having charge of a horse and cart, at Hensingham on the 27th

       P. C. IRVING stated that about 5-50 p.m. on Thursday, he saw defendant
drunk while having charge of a horse and cart. Defendant was quite incapable
of taking charge of the horse. The reins were down on the horses feet. He was
obliged to take defendant into custody.

       Defendant said he gave the horse in charge of to Geo. JACKSON. He
produced several letters from people at Egremont, and one from Mr. J. J. WILSON,
J. P., which stated that the Police Constable must have  taken defendant for
someone else. The letters stated that the defendant was a temperate man.

       The Chairman: You say you were not drunk?

       Defendant: I was not drunk sir. I had a sup of drink.

       P. C. IRVING, in reply to Supt. KELLY, said JACKSON was drunk, and he
(witness) was obliged to take him home. JACKSON's cart collided with KENNY's
and there might have been a serious accident.

       Sergeant DOWTHWAITE said he was at the Police Station when defendant
was brought in, and defendant was drunk and incapable. He could not stand, and
had to be carried through into the cell.

       Defendant said that a man who has never been in Court before did not
know where he was at.

       The magistrates fined defendant 20s, or in default 14 days
imprisonment, with hard labour.