It is with regret that we record the death of an old Westmoreland
Yeoman, Mr. John ARMITSTEAD, of Hollin Bank, Underbarrow, which took place at his
residence on Sunday, at the ripe old age of 81 years. He was interred at
Underbarrow Church on Wednesday.

       Mr. ARMITSTEAD was one of a large family.  He was born in Aikrigg, in
Killington, and married Elizabeth BOWNESS, a native of Cartmel Fell. There
were three sons that predeceased him. Mr. and Mrs. ARMITSTEAD celebrated their
golden wedding six years ago, and received congratulations from a wide circle of
friends and relatives.

       Mr. ARMITSTEAD farmed Greendykes, in Firbank, for over 31 years, as he
pertinently used to put it under the very best of landlords, the late Earl of
Becktive. He was a farmer of the old school, with a wide experience and
excellent knowledge of the breeding and rearing of stock. He kept a very good breed
of dairy cows, with which he was very successful in taking prizes at the
local agricultural shows. Mr. ARMITSTEAD competed with credit to himself for the
prizes given by the late Earl of Bective for essays on the improvement of waste
land, his motto for these prizes (as through life) was "one who delights on

       He had every opportunity for practising in Firbank Fell, and he
brought that high heath from a state of perfect worthlessness to one of superior
cultivation by his own endeavours and at his own experience, Mr. ARMITSTEAD,
after a successful career as a farmer, purchased the Kirkby House Farm, in
Underbarrow, and farmed there several years.