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       The first concert in the New Mission Room at Moresby Parks was held on
Tuesday night, before a fair attendance. The Rev H. J. ALLEN occupied the
chair, and in his opening remarks referred to the successful sale of work held on
the previous day, stating that the takings amounted to about £30 8s, which
amount was exclusive of ticket money. Mr. ALLEN also referred to the excellent
work of Mr. James ROBERTSON and his fellow workers at Moresby Parks. The
following programme was gone through:

Instrumental selection, "Le Chevalier Breton" Parton Orchestral Society.

Song, "The Chief Mates Story" Rev. H. J. ALLEN

Song, "The Old Plaid Shawl" Miss. E. J. DIXON

Sketch, "A Silver Wedding" Mr. H. GARD

Song, "Coo" Miss. ALLEN

Song, "The Old Brigade" Mr. E. KENDALL

Sketch, "Our Village Concert" Mr. H. GARD

Selection, "The village Festival" Parton Orchestral Society

Song, "Three Fishers Went Sailing" Miss. E. J. DIXON

Duet, "Quarrelling" Miss ALLEN and Mr. E. KENDALL

Song, "You Can't Think of Everything" Mr. H. GARD

Song, "Skippers of St. Ives" Rev. H. J. ALLEN

       At this stage of the programme the Rev. H. J. ALLEN said Mr. P. GUNN
had a few remarks to make.

       Mr. GUNN, of Tivoli, said that no doubt this would be a good
opportunity to record some of the names  of the contributors towards the fund for the
new mission, and gave out the following:

Dioceasan Church Extension Society, £30

Col. BAIN, M. P. £10

Mr. J. Arthur JACKSON, £3 3s

Mr. DIXON, Lonsdale Place, £5

The Rev. H. J. ALLEN, £10

Mr. W. H. CHAPMAN, £5

Christmas Gathering 1901, £5

Small sums collected by Mr. ROBERTSON,  and Mr. LONGCAKE, £7 10s

Moresby Coal Co., £50

Mr. G. W. HARTLEY, £20

Miss. DAVIS, Lonsdale Place, £5

Mr. S. BROADBENT,  £2 2s

Mr. KENDALL, £3 3s

Per Mr. SHAW and another, £3 14s

Earl of LONSDALE, £10

Mr. John STIRLING, £10

Mr. Wm. BURNYEAT, £5

Mr. H. W. WALKER, £5

The Misses. HARTLEY, £1

Mrs. M'COWAN, £3 3s

small donation, 2s 6d

two anonymous donations of 5s each

Transferred by Mr. e. KENDALL from Parish Magazine, £5

A total of £202 0s 11d. to which had to be added the proceeds of the sale of
work on Monday and that concert, which would probably amount to £40. Out of
this share there were a lot of expenses to be met. In the first instance there
was Mr. SHAW's account of £193 14s. Then there were new seats, furnishing,
lamps, stoves and other things and also Mr. DAVIDSON's account for the foundations
and gateway.

       Mr. GUNN then referred to the generosity of the people of Moresby
Parks, and thought they were to be congratulated upon the handsome building which
had been erected and hoped they would make good use of it. Mr. GUNN also spoke
in high terms of the work of Mr. ROBERTSON, and trusted they would assist him
in his earnest endeavours for the spiritual welfare of Moresby Parks.

       In conclusion, Mr. GUNN said he had been asked to propose a hearty
vote of thanks to all that had assisted at the evenings entertainment. The music
he said had certainly been good and high toned and he wished specially to
mention the ladies who had so carefully performed their part of the work, and he
had very great pleasure therefore in proposing a vote of thanks to the

       Mr. James ROBERTSON seconded Mr. GUNN's proposition. coupling with it
the names of Mr. and Mrs. SKIMMINGS, who had so kindly lent them the use of
their piano. Mr. SPENCER suitably responded on behalf of the performers, after
which Miss. ALLEN gave a whistling solo, and Mr. Jonathan MILLER sang the "Star
of Bethlehem." The programme proceedings closing by the company joining in
singing the National Anthem.