General regret was expressed throughout the district on Saturday last,
when it became known that the dead body of Mrs. JOHNSON, a widow, living at
Low Dale Park, had been found on the moor, about a mile from her home.

       It appears that Mrs. JOHNSON, who attained the age of 83 years, had
been residing for some time  with one of her sons at Eelhouse, near Cunsey, and
was in the habit of frequently taking walks, sometimes extending to several
miles, she being wonderfully active for her years.

       On the forenoon of the Monday, she left the house, stating she was
going for a walk as usual, but she did not return. It afterwards transpired that
she came down by way of Graythwaite, evidently with the intention of visiting
Dale Park (where she has another son living), as she was last seen by a
gamekeeper in the employ of Col. SANDYS, passing his houses situated at  the
isolated place on the moor, and some three miles from where she started.

       The deceased not turning up, from inquiries made on the following
Wednesday, it was found that Mr. Richard COWARD, of Satterthwaite, had passed the
keepers house a few minutes after deceased, and on that gentleman's being
interrogated, and stating that he had never seen the deceased, it became evident
that she must have lost her way. It certainly seemed strange that nothing more
should be heard of her until Saturday, when her dead body was found by a party
of voluntary searchers, lying about twenty yards from a little used footpath
leading to and within a short distance of Thwaite Head, and about a mile
distance from where she was last seen, a similar distance from her home at Low Dale
Park. From the position in which the body was found it was evident the old
lady had perished from cold and exposure, as the night was both wet and stormy.

       No inquest was held on the body, the Coroner evidently thinking it
unnecessary. The funeral of the deceased took place on Tuesday in Rusland