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       Played at Wath Brow on Saturday, before a fairly good number of
spectators. For a while Wath Brow, who were getting the ball every time from the
scrimmages, adopted passing movements, but on account of the bad state of the
field, found it to be of no avail, and, therefore, changed to the "kick and rush"
system, which answered admirably. They kept up a constant pressure, and the
centres (LEEMING and MURRAY) being in fine form were only just stopped from
getting over time after time. More scrimmages too place near the line, and MURRAY
who was playing a good game,  receiving the ball from BATESON, romped over in
grand style. GOLDIE failed to convert from a difficult angle.

       More scrums and several determined efforts to score on the part of the
Wath Brow backs, the team crossed over with the score, one try to Wath Brow's
credit. Hensingham restarted, and the leather being returned to COX, the
visitor's fullback, he got it away just in time. Hensingham got the ball into Wath
Brow half. Here LEEMING received a pass, and outrunning all his opponents,
got over. The try was not converted. Tom JACQUES, the pick of the Wath Brow
pack, broke away with a dribble, as a result of which HEDLEY scored, but was ruled

       Wath Brow had by this time completely outplayed their opponents. From
a scrum BATESON grounded the ball over the line, but the try was disallowed.
Before the game was finished darkness had set in.

       Result: Wath Brow 2 tries (6 points); Hensingham, nil.