(To the Editor of the Whitehaven News)

       Sir, - Kindly permit me to say a few words on the above. During the
week a fire occurred, and caused a certain amount of damage. The fire was not
one of any great extent, certainly; yet serious enough, indeed, for those
immediately concerned. Such an occurrence brings to ones mind the fact that Parton
lacks suitable apparatus to cope with a fire. Something suitable might be
purchased to remedy this. Whatever the apparatus may be, it ought to be simple in
action and effectual in result.

       May I suggest something? Purchase a suitable length hose. Insert stop
traps (the present ones are far and few between) at suitable positions on the
main. Parton posses abundance of water, and, I take it, there is good pressure
in the mains, sufficient to carry a head of water, to the top of any house in
the village. I am sure plenty of help to manipulate the hose-pipe would be
forth coming whenever necessary.

       Perhaps some members of the parish council may have seen the necessity
of an efficient fire extinguisher. Recent meetings of the Council have begun
in smoke, and ended in smoke - thick black clouds of smoke_ Brewery smoke;
with occasional outbursts of hot fiery language. At such times and effectual
extinguisher would be useful. May I hope the purchase of a hose pipe capable of
dealing with more serious fires not end in smoke?

                         -Yours Truly, Wm. WATSON

Parton, Dec. 2nd, 1902.