[To The Editor of The Whitehaven News]

       Sir, - A Society was established three years ago for the defence and
the promotion of the Faith of the Church of England as defined in our Book of
Common Prayer. In its object and methods the Society is affirmative and
constructive rather than negative and destructive. The object is education not
agitation; to preserve and extend a priceless heritage, not to pull down or to
narrow; and to unite in one association all loyal members of the Church of England
against the introduction into our historic church of things contrary to the
spirit and teaching of the Prayer Book.

       Nine thousand members of the Church of England, including some 500
clergy, have joined this society, and on an average of ten new members, all of
whom belong to the Church of England, are enrolled every day.

       In three years, with limited means, the Society has organised over a
hundred courses of lectures on Church history, and has held over 200 meetings
to  explain the teachings and practices of the primitive Catholic Church. It
has published at popular prices four books on the vital church questions of the
day, and printed and distributed leaflets and booklets on the history,
doctrine, and teaching of the church, written by loyal Churchmen of different schools
of thought.

       Beyond this it has established one of the finest schools for girls in
the country. It is about to open another such school, where the fees will be
within the reach of parents of very small means, and it has been instrumental
in starting other educational works to meet the most modern needs. It has
founded a home where ladies are trained and sent out to work under parochial clergy
among the sick and poor in our crowded centres of population. It has opened a
home for poor gentlewomen, and this home is crowded and now practically self

       We point with confidence to the work which the Society has
accomplished within three years as the justification of its existence, and as a proof of
its claim upon the sympathy of all loyal members of the Church.

       But if the Ladies League for the defence and promotion of the faith of
the Church of England, as defined by its Prayer Book and Articles, is to
carry on the great and Varied work it has begun, it must receive wide and generous
financial aid from all Loyal members of the Church. The income of so young a
Society, could not possibly cover the cost of the work that it has initiated.

       We, therefore, appeal to members of the Church through the press which
is always ready to open its columns to appeals in aid of useful work, to give
the Executive Committee of this Society the funds absolutely necessary, not
only to carry on the work it has begun, but to enable it to cope successfully
with the organised and amply supported schemes of those whose efforts we
believe to be irreconcilable with the teachings of the Church of England, and
destructive of individual responsibility, religious and civil liberty, and national

       Cheques may be made payable to the secretary of the Ladies League,
crossed "London and Westminster Bank," and sent to the offices, 6, Grosvenor
Mansions, 82, Victoria-street, London, S. W., or donations may be paid direct to
the credit of the Leagues account at the Victoria-street branch of the London
and Westminster Bank, or sent to the Chairman of the Finance Committee, or the
Hon. Treasurer.

                                   Yours faithfully,

S. HOPE-MORLEY, Chairman Finance Committee
       2 Grosvenor Square, W.

            26a, Bryanston Square, London, W.
                  Hon. Treasurer.