A special meeting of the West Cumberland Fishery Board was held at the
Union Hall, Whitehaven, on Thursday afternoon, for the purpose of formally
adopting the bye-laws recently drafted and approved by the Board. Present:

Mr. J. MUSGRAVE, J. P., C. A. (Chairman)

Jonas LINDOW, J. P., C. C.




Mr. B. SIM

Mr. W. H. CHAPMAN (clerk)

       The bye-laws were unanimously adopted, on the motion of the Chairman,
seconded by Mr. J. D. THOMPSON.

       The Chairman again alluded to the excellence of the fishing of the
past season and said that the largest fish caught weighed over 40lbs.

       The Clerk said that he received a letter from Mr. HODGSON, clerk to
the County Council, enclosing copies of letters from Mr. W. GRAHAM, secretary of
the Moresby Coal Company, with reference to the alleged pollution of the
River Ehen by the Company. He replied stating that the Board were allowing the
matter to stand over owing to the exceedingly good run of fish during the present
season and the much more satisfactory reports of their watchers as to the
River Ehen, and that Mr. HODGSON had to kindly treat the matter as suspended.

       The Chairman proposed that Mr. THOMPSON be requested to audit the
accounts. He had done so kindly and properly heretofore. Mr. LINDOW seconded and
the proposition was agreed to.


P. S. E.

       The programme at the Whitehaven Congregational Schoolroom on Saturday
night was as follows:

Piano Duet, Misses DAVIS

Song, The Cigar Girl, Mr. A. D. MASON

Song, The Veteran's Song, Mr. J. BROWN

Cornet Duet, Mr. A. M'NAUGHTON and Mr. D. M'CLERY

Song, Tit for Tat, Mrs. MASON

Piano Solo, Miss. S. WILLIAMS

Song, Tell Her I Love Her So, Mr. A. D. MASON

Reading, Mrs. Tuttlebury's Auto Car, Mrs. MASON

Song, Old Folks at Home, Mr. L. HODGSON

Cornet Duet, Messrs. A. M'NAUGHTON and D. M'CLERY

       At this meeting, which was largely attended, considerable interest
centred in the ping pong and domino tournaments which were started.