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       What might have been a very serious fire broke out in a cottage house
opposite the Girl's School, Parton, occupied by Mr. John SMITH, on Monday
morning about nine o'clock.

       Mrs. SMITH was busy with her household duties in the kitchen, having
left her only child, about nine months old, in bed, when suddenly she
discovered that the room where the child was sleeping was on fire, and to her alarm she
found the bed was burning. The safety of her child being her first thought,
she snatched it from the bed, and gave the alarm.

       A few willing hands were soon at work carrying water, and after some
trouble the fire was extinguished, but not before considerable damage was done.
The bedding, mostly new, was almost completely destroyed, and had the child
remained a little longer it would have been seriously burnt. In addition to the
bedding one or two of Mrs. SMITH's dresses were completely destroyed. The
damage will amount to a few pounds, and this is all the more serious as Mr. SMITH
is one of those thrown out of work at LONSDALE Works.

       Mr. J. T. SPENCER, Mr. J. LITT and Mr. T. ELDING were amongst those
who rendered valuable help. The fire is supposed to have been due to sparks from
an adjoining chimney falling on a bag stuffed with straw, with which the
opening of SMITH's chimney was stopped; this being ignited and falling at the
bedfoot set the bed clothes on fire.



       The monthly meeting of the Harrington School Board was held in the
board Room, Church-road. Present:

Rev. A. F. CURWEN (chairman)





J. B. TOLSON (chairman)

       Mr. W. A. DAVIS, headmaster, wrote thanking the board for offering him
the school-house, which he accepted.

       It was agreed that Miss. DOBSON and Miss. Mary THOM who will sit for
the scholarship examination during the month, be retained in the school until
the results are known, on the same terms as pervious pupils have been retained.

       A letter was read from the District Council, stating that they could
not expend money on the road alongside the Victoria Senior Mixed School, but if
the School Board would pay the cost, the council would be prepared to do the
work. The chairman moved that the road was only used by the children the Board
decline to repair it. Mr. MOORE seconded and the motion was carried.

       The tender of Mr. H. BEATTIE, painter, to paint and varnish, and
thoroughly clean the house for £7 10s was accepted. The price did not include the
cost of paper.

       Mr. GLENN proposed, and Mr. CAMPBELL seconded, that the Christmas
Holidays should commence on December 19th and reopen January 5th. The Chairman
proposed to close on the 19th and reopen on January 12th. There voted for the
motion Mr. GLENN and Mr. CAMPBELL, and for the amendment the chairman, Mr. MOORE,