Millom Wesleyans were much gratified on Sunday by the splendid
services rendered by the Rev. J. D. PERCY, the newly appointed minister at Grange.
Mr. PERCY preached in the morning on salvation by faith. His earnest, lucid, and
masterly exposition, made a profound impression upon his hearers.

       In the afternoon, a musical temperance was rendered, Chairman, Captain
SAMPSON. Programme:

Hymn, "O Worship the King"

Chairman's Remarks

Chorus, "Welcome this Season of Gladness" (by Veazie) Temperance Choir

Solo, Behold Me Standing, (Jude) Mr. COOKE

Recitation, Captain STRIKE

Violincello solo, Mr. R. K. PHILLIPS

Address, the Rev. J. D. PERCY

Organ Solo, Mr. R. R. JOHNSTON

Solo, "Why Do The Nations" (Handel), Mr. COOKE

Chorus, "The Rippling Spring" (Reali), Choir

Mr. Robert JOHNSTON presided at the organ in his usual delightful style. In
the evening, Mr. PERCY preached a powerful sermon on the solidarity of the
human race, basing his remarks on the words, "No man liveth unto himself, and no
man dieth unto himself." On the whole Millom Wesleyans had a splendid Sabbath
of service.



       At this Court on Monday (before W. J. YARR and W. L. BENN, Esqs.)
Thomas RILEY, a tramp was charged with sleeping out, sentenced to 14 days hard
labour. Thomas MILLER, for the same offence was discharged with a caution.
William HARRIS, who was apprehended on a warrant, charged with being drunk and
disorderly on September 27th, was fined 25s including costs, or in default one
month. Prisoner accepted the latter alternative.



       The usual monthly meeting of the above Society was held in the St.
George's Mission Room, on Monday evening the following programme was rendered
(chairman, Mr. H. MOORE). The meeting was addressed by Mr. W. BIRD (navy

Recitation, Mr. TEESDALE

Song, Miss. E. DIXON

Coronet solo, Mr. BIRKETT

Song, Miss N. DEACON.



       Mr. John WATSON, jun., who has taken Bridgend Farm (the property of
Mr. WARBRICK) is a member of a family distinguished in agricultural matters
generally and practical farming particularly. Mr. WATSON, of Arnaby (The Green),
and a nephew to Mr. William WATSON, of the Castle Farm, Millom.

       We have no doubt that Mr. WATSON will, in bringing his life long
experience of farming, and his well known energy into play upon Bridgend, prove
himself worthy of the best agricultural traditions of the family to which he