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       On Thursday the Earl and Countess of Lonsdale left London for India.
After the great Durbar at Delhi, they intend to travel for some time in India.
They are in Lowther Castle, an enormous number of trophies, the result of his
Lordship's marksmanship during his prolonged journeyings within the Arctic

       The trip lasted from February 1888 to June 1889. The wonderful
collection of birds and beasts then brought back, is certain to be added to early
next year, as Lord LONSDALE intends to have some big game shooting in India.
Thence the trip will be extended to Japan. It is not likely that his Lordship will
be back in England before summer.

       The training of the Westmoreland and Cumberland Imperial Yeomanry (of
which Lord Lonsdale is colonel) has been fixed for June, and it will again
take place in Lowther Park.



       Special collections were taken in St. John's Church, on Saturday last,
on behalf of the clergy's fund to augment the living of the poorer clergy and
special sermons were preached by the vicar. The collections taken exceeded



       On Friday evening last under the auspices of the "Happy Home" Lodge of
the Independent Order of Good Templars, Mr. Jack YOUNG, of Tynemouth,
delivered in the Mission Room, his popular lecture, entitled, "What Tom MacFarlane's
Clock Said When it Struck Eight."

       There was a good attendance and the lecture was greatly enjoyed. Mr.
J. NICHOLSON, of Parton occupied the chair, and during the evening Mr. James
MILLMAN gave four gramophone selections, and Mr. Jack YOUNG rendered a solo. Mr.
J. J. STEPHENS presided at the organ. At the conclusion of the lecture Mr.
Jack YOUNG was given a hearty applause to his capital lecture.



       Frank LLOYD and Sons will hold their last sales for 1902 on Thursday,
Dec. 4th. The catalogue includes 250 high class hunters, match pairs, harness
horses, show cobs and ponies, and on Friday, Dec 5th, 150 heavy town mares and
geldings, light lorry, van, and young horses.

       The hunters are a very good selection, several noted studs being
included, all in fine condition and fit to go. 15 grand matches  pairs 15.2 and
over, will be offered. These go well together, with courage and action, and can
be highly recommended.

       The Grand Duke, Michael of Russia sends a handsome pair of blacks, 15
hands, which can be highly recommended. The single harness horses are an extra
good lot, and include some grand movers, show cobs and ponies, a fine
selection. The Town mares and geldings are of grand quality, with weight and
substance. The light lorry and van horses are very active, and can be highly
recommended, being direct from the breeders, and the bulk warranted sound. Descriptive
catalogues ready.