The I. Co. 2nd Border Regiment held the above on Friday evening, in
the Elterwater Drill Hall. Capt. BOUSFIELD and Lieut. JONES-BALME were the
donors. Mrs. CROSSFIELD, of the White Lion Hotel, was the caterer, and the supper
maintained the already established reputation of Mrs. CROSSFIELD. Mrs. John
BOWNESS, Mrs. Frank SMITH, Miss. Bird GASKELL, and Miss. HARTLEY, served at the

       There was a good gathering of volunteers in uniform. The Langdale
Brass Band were present, but not officially. They had been invited to the supper
by the donors. There were also to be seen in the Company:

J. J. ASHBY, Elterwater Hall


Mr. BALDRY, Grasmere.

       The music was led by Mr. SKELTON, Ambleside, on the piano. Songs were
well rendered by:

Mr. BANKS, Ambleside

Mr. BALDRY, Grasmere

Mr. James THOMPSON, Langdale

Corpl. J. D. K. JOINER, Langdale

Mr. T. GIBSON, Ambleside

Sergt. H. COWARD, Langdale


Mr. Matt. Walker, Langdale

Mr. HOGG, Ambleside

Private Ed. KIRKBY, Langdale

Mr. PIERCE, Langdale

Lieutenant JONES-BALME, High Close

       Several of the above sang twice. Mr. WALKER, an old veteran sang "The
Poor Old Horse," with good effect. Capt. BOUSFIELD addressed the gathering on
the strength of the corps, and the need of recruits, to make up the number of
a full company, a good number having resigned. He made it plain that an
increase of recruits would be the best method of preserving their letter I., and
saving them from becoming attached to some other company as a half company. He
also spoke of the cups they had won this season with shooting, which were
filled, and passed around, and several of the Company drank the health of Sergt.
M'GARR and others. Mr. M'GARR suitably replied, and hoped the young men of the
village would come forward and support the volunteers.

       Mr. BALDRY praised the officers and sergeant in a neat little speech.
Mr. WALKER,  and Mr. Wm. COLLINSON also made a few remarks. The former said if
he had been a young man he would have offered for the front, when the war
broke out with the others, who offered and were accepted.

       Mr. WALKER, Mr. COLLINSON, and Mr. BALDRY are old medalists, and
though too old for  active service they are not too old for manifesting an active
interest in all the volunteer movements in the d in the district.