The quarterly meeting of this circuit was held in the Schoolroom,
New-Street, Wigton, on Monday afternoon. The Rev. J. HOPKINS, circuit minister,
presided, and Mr. Wilkinson SERGINSON, Brayton, acted as secretary.

       Before the business of the meeting began a vote of sympathy was
ordered to be sent to Brother Eilbeck BROWN, Mealsgate, owing to the loss of his
wife, and to Mrs. Michael GRAHAM, of Blennerhasset, on the loss of her husband,
who has acted as circuit secretary for a number of years.

       The local preachers plan was gone through, and several alterations
made. The Society report forms were considered, and arrangements made for special
and missionary services at several places in the circuit. The Rev. W.
HATRLEY, of Brampton, is the missionary deputation.

       The financial statement was dealt with, and considered satisfactory,
the income exceeding the expenditure by £3. The Rev. Jeremiah HOPKINS was
invited to remain in the circuit for another year, which was accepted. Mr. William
HODGSON, Aspatria, was appointed circuit secretary in place of the late Mr.
Michael GRAHAM.

       The report of members was received, and showed an increase of 13 for
the quarter. Mr. Thomas WATSON was elected circuit steward. The members
afterwards sat down to tea provided by the Wigton Society.