The following are from a list specially compiled by Mr. G. J.
CLARKSON, chartered patent agent, 6, Finkle-street, Stockton-on-Tees: -

       Applications for patents: 25,2000, 17th November, 1902, Robert BLAKOE,
59, Wordsworth -street, Penrith, Cumberland, a puncture proof band or tyre
for wheels of any vehicle or cycle.

       20,257, 18th November, 1902, John PATERSON and Daniel BOWIE, Belle
Isle Place, Workington, Cumberland, PATERSON, BOWIE automatice safety clutch.



       Another successful concert in connection with the B. W. T. A. was held
in the Duke-street Mission Hall, Workington, on Saturday night. The
attraction was Mr. Wm. M'GOWAN and Miss. Madge M'GOWAN and party of Whitehaven singers.
Miss J. M. E. BONNAR officiated at the piano. Mr. J. H. JENKINSON presided
over a large audience. Following is the programme:

Duet, "Sam's Sauce," Miss. M. E. BONNAR and Miss. M'GOWAN

Song, "The Admiral's Broom," Mr. M'GOWAN

Recitation, "Ave Maria," Miss. HODGSON

Song, Swanne River," Miss. M. M'GOWAN

Chairman's Address

Song, "Tender the Palm," Mr. L. EVANS

Duet,  "Who is Sylvia?" Mr. and Miss. M'GOWAN

Song, "Old Madrid," Mr. L. EVANS

Recitation, "Aunt Tabitha," Miss. HODGSON

Song, "Spring has Come," Miss. M'GOWAN

Song, "The Old Grey Fox," Mr. M'GOWAN

"God Save the King."