The Teachers and the scholars at the Distington Board School, Dyon,
gave a most successful concert on Tuesday evening in the aid of funds providing
prizes for the scholars of that school.

       The Schoolroom was packed and every available space occupied, when the
performance commenced at 7.15 p.m. The Rev. W. G. C. HODGSON (chairman of the
School Board) presided. He was accompanied by Miss. HODGSON, also by the Rev.
L. LUMB. Messrs. ROPER and WILSON (members of the Board) were present, with
their wives.

       The village of Distington was well represented, as well as Pica and
Gilgarran. The chairman, in opening the proceedings, said there would be no
encores on account of the lengthy programme. That was a wise precaution, as the
entertainment did not conclude until 10.30 p.m..

       Mr. CONNOR, stage manager, for the Whitehaven Dramatic Club, acted as
instructor for the teachers dialogue, and ably took the chief character. Great
praise is due to Mr. H. GIDDINE, headmaster of the school, for the perfect
manner in which he trained the children for their singing, also to Mrs.
ROBINSON, mistress for her training of the infants in their different drills and
action songs, and to the whole staff of teachers for their ready and willing zeal
in helping the success of the whole affair. The total amount realised was £9.
The programme was as follows:

Two Part Song, "Old Church Bells," scholars.

Piano solo, "Aureola," Maggie SEWELL

Action Song, "Two Birdies," Infants

Recitation, "Faithful unto Death," David KYDD.

Character song, "Lulu," Lizzie BARWICK

Two Part Song, "In Summer Time," scholars

Fan drill, infants

Dialogue, "Topsy Turvey" nine boys

Unison Song, "Beautiful Isle of the Sea," Girls and chorus.

Character recitation, "Suppose," infants

Song, "Alice ! Where Art Thou," Mr. GIDDINS

Medley Songs, Infants

Musical Drill, Scholars

Comic Action Song, "You Shan't Play in Our Yard," Janet DAWSON and Mary

Two Part Song, "Fairies Lullaby," Scholars

Dialogue, "Wanted a Wife," Mr. CONNOR and teachers.

National Anthem.

Accompanist, Mrs. CARVER