Yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, the monthly meeting of the members of
this Board was held in the Council Chambers, Frizington. There were present:

Dr. LACE (chairman)







J. R. THOMPSON, clerk.


       The attendance officer, Mr. James BOAK, in his report, stated that the
percentage of attendance for the month ending 28th ult., were: Frizington
Mixed, 88.6 per cent; Infants, 82 per cent; Arlecdon Mixed, 85 per cent; Infants,
71.5 per cent; St. Joseph's Mixed, 90.5; Infants, 77.7 per cent.



       Arlecdon U. D. Frizington Board: - The following is a summary of the
Inspectors report of the Board of Education on the above named school:

       Mixed School. - "This large school continues to  be well managed and
well taught.

       Infant School. - "The elementary work is very fair, and the other
subjects are good. Some improvement might be effected in the reading.

       S. P. HOSKING is recognised under article 33 of the code. E. LABOURNE
is recognised under that article to the 7th April, 1902.

       Arlecdon U. D. Board, Mixed School. - "The course of instruction is
well planned, and is carried out with method and intelligence, the whole being
thoroughly supervised, and controlled by the headmaster."

       Infant School. - "This department at my visit was doing good work, and
has made satisfactory progress."

       A. R. RAY is recognised under article 33 of the code, until 26th May,

       The chairman said he did not know there was anything special with
regard to the annual reports more than they had come to hand sooner than on the
previous occasion. He thought the reports were satisfactory. There was one thing
he noticed that at Frizington the average attendance in the mixed was down,
and that the infants were slightly over last year. They had earned the highest
grants they could get. With regard to Arlecdon there was a great falling off
in attendance.

       Mr. BAMFORD asked what about the pupil teacher's bonuses, and how the
Board were going to distribute them.

       Continuing, Mr. BAMFORD stated that the pupil teacher's grants had
been given without examination. There was no examination this year, and he wanted
to know hoe they would be distributed. He would like them to be distributed
equally all round. He proposed accordingly.

       The Chairman said if they would all agree to it would put the scheme
of the Board to the ground.

       Mr. BAMFORD said it would not fall to the ground until there were some
other scheme proposed.

       The Chairman remarked that he knew from the reports that in the
Country schools as a rule the pupil teachers made the same number of marks as they
did in Liverpool and London.

       Mr. BAMFORD said that if the government gave the grant it ought to be

       The Chairman said they did not get any more in a place like Liverpool
or London than they did here.

       Mr. BAMFORD moved that the Government grant earned by the pupil
teachers be divided equally amongst the teachers and pupil teachers.

       Mr. LAIDLOW seconded the motion, and it was agreed to.



       The Clerk read the following letter from Mr. W. JONES, under date 2nd
December: - "I beg to resign my position as Head Master of your school at
Arlecdon, and shall esteem it a favour if you would permit me to dispense with the
usual three months notice, and leave either at the Christmas Holidays or at
the end of January. The school house is in good condition, and will be ready
for entrance at Christmas, so that the holidays will afford a good opportunity
for removal."

       The Chairman said they would note that Mr. JONES wanted to be free at
the end of the year or at the end of January, and do away with the three
months notice. He asked would it not be well to have a special meeting to take the
matter into consideration.

       The Rev. W. TAYLOR said that if the resignation was declined, Mr.
JONES would go as he did not want to stay.

       The Chairman said the matter had been talked over by  some of the
members lately.

       The Rev. W. TAYLOR moved that Mr. JONES's resignation be accepted.

       The Rev. T. BAMFORD seconded the motion.

       The Rev. W. TAYLOR: In accordance with Mr. JONES's wishes.

       The Rev. T. BAMFORD: He has got a double wish.

       The Chairman: Say the end of January.

       After some further discussion it was agreed that Mr. J. E. LOGAN be
asked of he would accept the position on certain conditions which were stated.