The object of liquidating the debt incurred by the recent renovation
of the schoolroom a sale of work was held in the Wesleyan Church, Moor Row,
yesterday, Wednesday. The stalls which were very attractively arranged, contained
a choice array of fancy and useful articles, the making of which evidenced a
great amount of labour on the part of the ladies. The stallholders were:

Mrs. & Miss. DOLOUGHAN



Miss Winifred WILLIAMS

Miss. Annie M'DOWWALL

Miss. Agnes BRIGGS.

       The ladies presiding at the tables were:




Miss. Marion THOMAS


Miss. Irene CHAPPLE

assisted by:


Mrs. G. THOMAS, who had charge of the cutting up department. There was a
large attendance at the opening ceremony. The Rev. Jas. GRAHAM, of Egremont,
officiated as chairman. After the singing of the hymn and brief devotional

       The Chairman made a few remarks, at the outset of which he said when
he saw that he was to be the Chairman he wondered what a Chairman's duties
were. He had a great deal of experience under chairman, and as far as his
experience went that official generally made an apology for a speech -  most of them
had the idea that they had to say as little as possible. He was not going to
make a speech that afternoon. They were well aware what the object of the sale
of work was, and they would have a more clear knowledge than himself as to how
things stood, and what they would have to do that afternoon. They could
congratulate themselves on much brighter weather that afternoon then on the last
occasion they had a similar gathering. There was a brighter aspect of things
without and he hoped it would be a true indication of brighter things within.
(Applause.) He had much pleasure in calling upon Mrs. WILLIAMS to declare the
bazaar open (Applause.)

       Mr. WILLIAMS said that was the first time he had been called upon to
speak, and the perform such a duty as that. They heard what the chairman said
with regard to a chairman's duty. He had been wondering what his duty would be.
It had been said that a chairman's duty was to say as little as possible, and
he would add, to give as much as possible. (Laughter.) He knew all the lay
friends were waiting to purchase most of the useful articles and after a while
they would have the refreshment tables well supplied.

       As to the needs of the chapel they would be as well acquainted as
himself about the debt on the Society. Since they had their last sale of work they
had lost some excellent workers. By death and removal the Society had
suffered a great deal. The gentlemen who should have been there to perform the
opening ceremony was unfortunately detained at home through the serious illness of
his son, and could not possibly be there that day. The would however, have his
support whether he was there or not. He had pleasure in declaring the sale of
work open. (Applause)

       Buying and selling then commenced and all the stallholders were busily
engaged in a short time the stalls bore a rather bare aspect.