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Wanted at Once, Turnover, with Two or Three Years at Trade;  Good Knocker-on or Improver.
ALBERT GASKELL, Cab Yard, Whitehaven.
Carlisle City Police.
Wanted, Several Smart Men, as Constables for the above-named Force.  Age not to exceed 26 years, Height not less than Five Feet, Ten Inches, Chest measurement 37 Inches Bare.
None but really Smart and Intelligent Men need apply.
Forms of application to be obtained from the undersigned,
E. H. de SCHMID, Chief Constable.
Suits to Order, 20s and 30s;  Good Value.
ERNEST LAMB, Tailor, 6, King-street, Whitehaven, and Wilson-street, Workington.
Wanted, man or Strong Lad, for Farm Work.
GRICE, Old Hyton, Bootle, Cumberland.
Wanted. Improver and Apprentice.
Apply, T. J. YOULL, 18, Market Place.
Wanted At Once, Strong Girl, able to Milk.
Apply, GRICE, Standing Stones, Whitehaven.
Wanted, Strong Reliable Maid; Churchwoman preferred; in September.
Mrs CASS, Seascale.
Wanted, Strong Girl, 18, able to Milk; also, Strong Lad.
Mrs BIRD, 271, Harrington-road, Workington.
Wanted, Good Cook-General; Household two.  House-parlourmaid kept.
Miss GREEN, Newton Manor, Gosforth.
Parlourmaid Wanted;  Tall,
Apply, stating age, wages, and references, to Mrs H. J. WATSON, St. Helens, Cockermouth.
A good General Servant Wanted for Small Country House.
Apply, Mrs HOLT, Old Chappels, Silecroft, Cumberland.

Wanted, Strong Lad, able to milk.
WILLIS. Haile.
Strong Lad Wanted for Farm Work.
Apply J. S. HARTLEY, Sellafield.
Wanted, a Day Girl.
Apply, WILKINSON, Butcher, Hensingham.
Good General, in September,
Apply, Mrs CARTER, The Crescent, St. Bees.
Wanted, Lad, for Farm House, about 15; able to Milk.
WATSON, Arnsby.
Wanted at Once, Girl, for Farm Work.
BIRKETT, Low Hall, Hensingham.
Wanted, Wooden Box, for Sea Journey.
Apply, ARMES, Irton-road, Eskdale.
Wanted, Young Man, for the Butching business.
TYSON, Calderbridge.
Wanted, Female Assistant for Front Shop.
Apply, WILKINSON, Saddler.
Wanted, Girl for House Work.
Apply, Miss HODGSON, Burnthwaite, Seascale.
Wanted, Hens, any number;  Good Price paid.
NOBLE, Lion and Lamb, Gosforth.
Wanted, Clean, Useful Girl, about 15.
Mrs. MORRIS, Irton Schoolhouse, Holmrook.
General Servant Wanted.  Reference.
Apply, Mrs. CORBETT, Wasdale Hall, Gosforth.
General, able to Wash and Bake.
Mrs. PEPPER, Seatoller House, Borrowdale, Keswick.