To Let.
To be Let, as One Holding, with Possession at Candlemas Next,
"Near Branthwaite Edge" and "Bannock Row" Farms, in the Parish of Dean, containing 119 Acres, 3 Roods, 3 Perches or thereabouts.
Mr. JOHN SALKELD, the Tenant, who is not an Offerer, will point out the Boundaries on receiving a Clear Day's Notice, and Conditions of Letting can be seen on application to the undersigned, who will receive Offers in Writing.
Solicitors, Whitehaven.
Mosser Mains.
The above Desirable Farm to Let, (Entry at Candlemas), consisting of Dwelling-house, with suitable Outbuildings, and 152 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, situated within Four Miles of the Market Town of Cockermouth.  An Excellent Cottage will be Let with the Farm if desired.
Plan of the Farm and Conditons of Letting may be had on Application to the Owner, Mr. HENRY PEACOCK,  Western View, Cockermouth, who will received offers in writing for the same.
Mr. COOK,  Mosser, Cockermouth, will show the Farm on receiving a day's notice to that effect.
Thornthwaite Farm, Broughton-in-Furness.
To be Let, with Entry at the usual dates in 1914, Thornthwaite Farm, near Broughton-in-Furness, containing 242 Acres or thereabouts, together with a Right of Pasturage on Woodland Fell, and 179 Heathgoing Sheep.
Mr. ANTHONY PARKER, the Tenant, has kindly consented to show the Farm, and further Particulars and Conditions of Letting may be had on application to Messrs.  WAUGH & MUSGRAVES, Solicitors, Cockermouth.
To be Let, on a Yearly Tenancy, with Entry at Candlemas, 1914:-
The Gill Farm, Kinniside, about four Miles from Egremont, now in the Occupation of Mr. Ab. CARRICK, who is retiring after a Tenancy of 27 Years, comprising about 80 Acres of Enclosed Old Pasture, Meadow, and Arable Land, with Unlimited Right of Pasture for Sheep and Cattle on Kinnisde Common, abutting upon the Holding.
The Customary Heafed Sheep upon Latter Barrow, &c, are to be taken over by Private Arrangement with Landlord.
Hunter How Farm, Lamplugh, about Two Miles from Rowrah Station, now in the occupation of Mr. JOHN PEARSON, comprising about 114 Acres of Permanent Pasture, Meadow, and Arable Lands, with a Private Gravitation Water Supply.
Cobra Castle Farm, St. John's,  Beckermet, Close to Egremont, in the occupation of Mr. H. FISHER, comprising about 153 3/4 Acres of Old Pasture, Meadow, and Arable Land, with Private Gravitation Water Supply.
King's Arms Hotel, Bowness-on-Solway, about One Mile from Bowness Station and Two Miles from Port Carlisle Station.  In the occupation of Messrs. SPENCER & Co.  Sub-tenant, Mr. Wm. MOORE.
The Hotel occupies a Desirable Postion Facing the Sea, and has Ample Accommodation (Twelve Rooms) with a Five-Stall Stable, Garage, with Yard and other Outbuildings, &c.
The Inn is Free and Fully-Licensed,  Well Adapted for a Good Catering and Health Resort Business.
The respective Tenants, who are not offerers, have kindly consented to show the Farm and Premises on receipt of One Day's Clear Notice by Post.
For further particulars apply to Messrs. S. & J. LINDOW, Central Office, Cleator, S.O., where Offers will be received with References up to September 13th, 1913.