Public Notices.
Hawkshead Agricultural Society.
President: G. O. SANDYS, Esq.
38th Annual Show,
Tuesday, 2nd September, 1913.
Upwards of 250 pounds in Premiums.
Open Classes for Herdwicks, Ponies, Hackneys, Turnouts, and Polo Ball Contest.  11 pounds 10s for Leaping.
President's Cup for Best Animal in Cattle Classes.
Schedules from J. CROSSLEY, Secretary,  High Wray, Ambleside.
Wigton Agricultural Society.
The 59th Annual Show will be held in Brindle Field, Highmoor, on Thursday, September 11th, 1913, when upwards of 260 pounds will be offered in prizes for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, &c.
Sports on Horseback.
Entries close on Tuesday, September 2nd.
Premium Lists on application to the Secretary, Wm. WAUCH.
43, High-street, Wigton.
Millom and Broughton  Agricultural Society's 44th Annual Show will be held at The Green, on Wednesday, 17th September, 1913.
Entries close on Tuesday, September 9th.
for Premium Lists and Entry Forms, apply to the Secretary,
JOHN NEWTON, Ruskin Mount, Millom.
Ennerdale and Kinniside Horticultural & Agricultural Show will be held at Ennerdale Bridge, on Wednesday, August 27.
The Marquee (in which there will be a Grand Display of Horticultural and Agricultural Produce) will be opened at Two p.m.  by
(Mayor of Whitehaven)
There is a Good Entry in the Sheep and Dog Classes, which compose Herdwick and Half-bred Sheep, Collies, Terriers, Foxhounds, and Shepherds' Dogs.
3pm  1 pound for Boys'  Wrestling, under 14
3.45  5 pounds for Hound Trail.
4.30  5 pounds for Whippet Race.
6pm 3 pounds for 11 stone Wrestling.
Entried for Whippet Race Close August 25th, and will be received by  W. TAYLOR, Roper Street, Whitehaven.
Judging to Commence at Ten o'clock.
Admission up to 4.30, 1s;  After, 6d.
The Cockermouth Industrial School Band will Play Selections during the day, and for a Pic-Nic in the Evening.
After which  A Grand Ball will be held in the Schoolroom.
The Committee Provide Refreshments in the Schoolroom at a Reasonable Charge.
The Whitehaven Motor Char-a-banc will run from Lowther-Street and Cleator Moor to and from the Show, and Waggonettes will Meet Trains at Rowrah and other Stations.