The following note has been received from last week's prize winner: -

Dear Sir, - I was very pleased when I saw I had won the prize for the
anecdote competition. Please forward me an order on Mr. TAGGART. Thanking you very

Robert H, MYERS,
47, John-street, Moor Row

The order has been forwarded.



A schoolmaster, who thought himself exceptionally clever, said to his boys
one day:

"To the boy who can tell me a riddle, which I cannot guess, I will give five

A few riddles were given, but were answered correctly. At last, one boy
said: "I know a riddle which I do not think you can guess."

"Very well," said the master, "Tell it to me."

"Why am I like the Prince of Wales?" asked the scholar.

This the master tried to answer, but at length he had to give up.

"Why," answered the boy, "because I am waiting for the crown" (five
shillings), and the crown the master obliged to give.

John WEIR,
5, John-street, Moor Row.


Colliers are very fond of dogs, and generally, in their leisure hours, walk
about with the favourites. One of the class, a well known dog fancier, was
seen toiling through Whitehaven with a wheelbarrow, but without his customary
canine companion. A chum met him.

"Hello, Geordie, where's ta gaen?"

"Just doon the town for some bacca."

"But thou doesn't want a barrow for that."

"No, ah don't," was the answer; "but, thoo sees t' pup's deid, an' ah mun
ha' company."

Wasdale head.


An Allonby yeoman in relating what he saw when dining at the house of a
great man, said:

"Barn, they hed mahogany doors, an' whushins till their chair backs, and
stuff for dinner 'at they co't bluemanj."

Harold IRWIN,
Pennington Arms, Ravenglass.


One day not far from Whitehaven, a son of the Emerald Isle was sent by his
master to purchase a cooking stove. On reaching the ironmonger's shop, Pat was
greatly surprised at the following announcement he saw in the window: -

"Buy one of our patent cooking stoves, and save half the fuel."

"Bedad," said Pat, "I'll buy two of them, and save the whole of it."

The Crossing, Drigg.