In political centres, where agitators keep up a high pressure, and in
certain sections of the press, where editors are compelled to cater for that
class, who, like the Irishman, in New York, are "against the Government every
time" the sound of dissatisfaction is naturally to be expected. Throughout
the country, however, where the Radical Press, and the ranting agitator have
but little influence, the feeling is one of general satisfaction in a way that
the nation is at present being governed.

This fact was plainly demonstrated at Millom, on Monday evening, when Mr.
LEWTHWAITE, the president of the conservative Association, had the gratification
of making the statement, that the Unionist cause in Millom was improving,
and in a much better state than ever it had been before. This is a condition of
affairs that is pretty general, where common sense and cool thought have
full away.

The recent speech, made by Mr. DUNCOMBE, M. P., at Millom, together with
that gentleman's zeal in obtaining benefits for the town and his energy and
industry in attending to the duties of the Parliamentary representative of the
division altogether tend to impress the public with the idea that Mr. DUNCOMBE
is the right man in the right place, and that under Lord SALISBURY's guidance
the country is being safely governed.

As Mr. LEWTHWAITE remarked at the meeting this is a critical period in
history of Europe, and the outcome of the war in the East might be a large
European outbreak. To prevent such a dire calamity the people of Millom and
elsewhere can rest assured that Lord SALISBURY's Government may be depended upon to
act in such a manner as to reflect honour on this great country of ours at
home and abroad. The steady revival in trade, and the better feeling that exists
owing to wise government is testifying even to people of Radical tendencies
that there is more safety and stability in the party which endeavours to build
up instead of demolish, and the young men of Millom and elsewhere who think
at all must conclude from the experiences of recent times that it is a duty
and a privilege to support a Conservative Government.