Considerable indignation has been aroused in the dale by the discovery, last
Monday, of an outrage perpetrated by some tourists during Easter week. By
way of enjoying themselves some of them climbed up Great Gable, loosened some
large boulders and sent them rolling to the bottom, knocking and killing a
sheep in their descent.

Not satisfied with this they set a dog among the sheep, hunted them round
and round the fell, drove them in the direction of the Piers Ghyll, and tumbled
five of them over the precipice, where they were dashed to pieces.

The part of Great Gable where the damage was committed is rented by Mr. John
WILSON, of Row Head Farm, and the sheep were also his property. It is a
great pity that no clue can be obtained to the offenders, but it may result in
other tourists having some of their priviledges curtailed.

While the dales people are always glad to see people come to enjoy
themselves, it is surely a dastardly action on the part of certain tourists to inflict
on their hosts such cruel and unnecessary loss.